Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use your JobShop?

For jobseekers we're aimed squarely at University of Bristol students. The job listings are currently open though so anyone can browse. For employers - anyone as long as they meet our code of conduct.

Do you advertise full-time jobs?

No, we just cover part-time, temporary and vacation work. The excellent University Careers service does though!

Do you advertise Volunteering opportunities?

What's the National Minimum Wage?

That depends on age, you can see the rates here. There's also a breakdown of who is entitled to the minimum wage here. If you think you might be getting less than the minimum wage then contact Acas or check their guidance here.

What's a Living Wage?

A real living wage is based on what people need to earn in order to get by. It rises as the cost of living rises. You can find out more at the Living Wage Foundation website here.

Students shouldn't be working should they?

Many students have to in order to fund their studies. Plus part-time work can be a rich source of valuable work experience. The University advises students to work no more than 15 hours per week although that's mostly for full-time students. We also have many part-time students who have very different demands on their times. therefore we occasionally advertise roles that require more than 15 hours per week.

I'm an International Student - can I work?

Your right to work will depend on your visa restrictions. You can prove your right to work on the website.

How do I get a National Insurance Number?

You can apply for a National Insurance here. You can start work before you get an NI number (as long as you can demonstrate the right to work).

Do I have to pay tax?

There's no exemption for students, it all depends on how much you earn. You can find out more here.

resources for job seekers

Workplace rights advice


ACAS website covering your workplace rights

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Right to Work

Tax & Pay guide to the Right to Work

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Minimum Wage

Tax & Pay guide to the National Minimum Wage

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Living wage

Tax & Pay

Useful info from the Living Wage Foundation

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Bristol SU's list of volunteering opportunities

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Tax & Pay guide to tax and National Insurance

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Temporary Staffing Service

Job Hunting

Flexible work with the University

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Bristol PLUS


Work towards the University's employability award

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CV Advice

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Get free CV advice from Uni Careers

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